My professional development

I am passionate about the techniques of management and about management of finances. My ambition is to propose tools to the companies to facilitate the work of their teams and thus to improve their productivity. Discover on this website all the information on my work experience, my studies and my objectives.

My studies

I studied in recognized schools all over the world following the example of Rider University in New Jersey and the CEFAM (French-American Center of Studies of Management) in Lyon.

To prepare myself to integrate these High Schools, I followed two years of nursery schools at the University of Montreal. My passage during two years within the American Embassy School de New Delhi also was determine for my vocational guidance. It’s as well in this School that I was able to develop my interest in sports activities and associative environment.

My experience

During these years of study, I also had the opportunity to work within international companies. I had in particular the opportunity to work with the teams of Rider University from March 2017. My objective was to analyze the management of this structure. This experience brought me to propose techniques and tools to facilitate the work of the teams within the university.

In 2016, my career was marked by my passage in the SSG Group in Luxembourg for a period of 4 months. This service company to the investors offers a complete range of services of conformity, administration and assets in alternative investment funds, but also in international companies and entrepreneurs. This mission brought me to create an internal audit to facilitate the audit of the Financial Direction of the company. I was also able to work in association with the teams of Invoicing and the department of the finances of SSG Group.

In 2015, I had the opportunity to work within Citi, Luxemburg company which offers to the consumers, the companies and the governments a wide range of services and financial products. By joining the Citi company, I had the opportunity to draft the reports of the Council meetings.


I was also able to be next to other prestigious companies during my youngest years such as Canal+ as attending marketing or BNP Pariba. I keep a good memory of my experience within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Luxembourg in 2010.