In 21th century, the manager has to facilitate the work between the various collaborators of a company. It’s from this perspective that I lead a permanent reflection to develop the sector of management and propose tools and techniques to improve the productivity in a company.

What manager facilitator’s job ?

The job by facilitator made its appearance in the 2000s. This job finds itself often connected with that of the manager which has to facilitate from now on the exchanges and the methods of work of the teams. Having realized an audit and including the functioning of the work of the teams, the manager facilitator has for main objective to improve the relations within a group to improve the productivity. To do it, he takes into account the human factor and the favorites the emergence of ideas with the aim of undertaking convenient actions for the health of the company.

During the elaboration of its action plan, the manager facilitator will have in mind two objectives: imply(involve) the teams to increase their motivation and make sure of the best possible understanding of the missions and the objectives to avoid possible errors.

My experiences as manager facilitator

My work experiences allowed me to acquire key skills to claim to become an effective facilitator. Teams of Rider University entrusted me the mission to improve the management of the installations of the campus.

My passage within the company SSG Group was also beneficial me. Over a period of 3 months, my mission was to create documents of internal audit aimed at the external auditors. It allowed to facilitate the audit of the Financial Direction.