Financial Audit

Fascinated by the financial world and specialized in financial audit, I put my skills in the service of your company. During each experience, I listen to the needs for companies while observing their functioning. This approach allowed me to be strength of proposal and to set up effective solutions.

The stakes in the financial audit

The realization of a financial audit presents key stakes for a company. The financial audit allows the companies to obtain an expert opinion which leans on checks and on reference tables. It’s convenient to realize an audit whatever is the financial situation of the company (growth, stagnation, crisis). The financial listener will bring an external look on the functioning of a company and will allow them to direct them to axes of improvement.

To improve the situation of companies, it’s what motivates me chiefly. My ambition is to optimize at best the finances of a company while allowing it to improve the productivity. I also possess skills in management what allows me to make the link between the finances of a company and the functioning of the teams.

My work experiences

My work experiences within various countries and in the sectors of the financial audit and the management allow me today to arrange necessary skills to manage or advise an international company.

I indeed worked within companies recognized in the sector of the finance following the example of SSG Group, Luxemburg company offering services to the leading investors. For 4 months, I had the opportunity to create documents of internal audit aimed at the external auditors. My work allowed to facilitate the audit of The Financial Direction of the company.